Soaring Performance for Aviation Manufacturing and MRO

Wet-slurry abrasive blasting processes, such as those performed by the advanced systems developed by Wet Technologies, are increasingly utilized throughout Aviation Manufacturing and Aviation MRO today — from etching and bonding of composite components to remanufacturing various jet, radial engine, auxiliary power unit (APU), and landing gear parts to prepping surfaces for nondestructive testing (NDT) for exposing stress cracks.

These applications include etching and bonding; descaling and cleaning; stripping paints from composites; stripping coatings in layers from landing gear and wheels; de-oiling, separation and disposal; wet peening and smoothening to reduce Ra values. The quality and effectiveness of these disciplines, and more, are greatly enhanced when they are performed using liquid abrasive blasting. Because Wet Technologies systems are compact, closed-loop and clean, you can easily and cost-effectively bring these traditionally subcontracted processes in-house — right onto your production floor. Consult with one our experts today and see how significantly wet-slurry blasting can speed lead times, reduce costs and cut labor from your Aviation Manufacturing and Aviation MRO processes.

With the mandate from Pratt & Whitney to discontinue dry oxide blasting, and going to wet blasting, we were all skeptical. Since buying 2 Aluminum Oxide Wet Blast machines we have become believers. Both have withstood the test of department 271. We are very rough on the equipment we purchase. The craftsmanship and also the ergonomics of the whole system are impressive.

Delta TechOps – Atlanta, GA

We use Wet Technologies wet-slurry blast machines to clean our aircraft engine vanes after our laser hole drill process.…
We are ecstatic about our two new machines as they have surpassed our expectations and I’m sure will be as reliable as the other six we have purchased.

GE Aircraft Engines – Madisonville, KY

Surface Finishing Challenges In Aviation MRO

The need for sustainable solutions has never been greater for the Aviation Industry.

Aviation Manufacturing – Etching Composites

Create even, uniform etching patterns that minimize or eliminate finish variations.

High Pressure Systems: No Slurry Required

We offer a wide range of high pressure water blast systems for applications where slurry is not required.

Solve Dry Blasting Problems

Eliminate clumsy exhaust systems and cumbersome PPE.
Eliminate clumsy exhaust systems and cumbersome PPE.

Traditionally, Aviation manufacturers and MRO providers have relied on dry abrasive blasting processes for surface finishing and cleaning. But the resultant dust from sand blasting and dry blasting poses health problems to employees as well as safety hazards to the factory when static electricity is present, which can lead to explosions and fires. These traditional abrasive blasting methods also require costly post-cleaning processing, amounting to more time, labor and floor space needed. In addition, all of these issues combined increase the potential for premature structural failure in the field, perhaps even catastrophic. Aviation companies have been forced to manage these challenges as best they can in the absence of smarter, cleaner and safer abrasive blasting technologies. Until now.