MX Applications – Descaling, Derusting, Cleaning, Deoiling; and Etching for Bonding and Recoating

How Does Wet Technologies Achieve Superior Wet Blasting Performance?

Wet Technologies manufactures standard and custom wet blast, slurry, liquid abrasive systems, all closed loop. The process mixes solid media with water in a special high-volume pump invented by Wet Technologies, and then uses regulated compressed air to dial in the aggressiveness required.

What Advantages Does Wet Blasting Offer Over Dry Blasting?

The Wet Tech process has several distinct advantages over dry blasting including being able to dial in the process by varying the concentration and air pressure, from aggressive deburring to subsequent smoothing, minimizing warping and abrasive embedded into a surface. It can also combine pre-washing, degreasing, and descaling in one system. It is a superior method used to etch composite and metallic surfaces in preparation for high strength bonding and coating.

A few of our most in-demand custom features include: High Efficiency Oil and Grease Removal System, Automatic Media Density Monitor, Extended Wear Mat for Turntable, Oval Glove Ports (taller than the standard round ports).

The Wet Tech MX System Covers Several Applications and Conditions Found in Military Requirements:

  • Parts that exhibit rust or oxidation. These need to be cleaned to bare substrate for inspection and reuse, with minimum surface effect.
  • Parts that through use and thermal cycles are prone to scale build up.
  • Oily parts that previously required a separate chemical pre-wash.
  • Parts requiring any of the above, and still leave a smooth surface.
  • Parts requiring recoating or bonding, where light even etching would produce a superior anchoring pattern.
  • Areas where personnel exposure to blasting dust and its effect on health and the workplace are of major concern.
  • Areas where PPE (personal protective equipment) can inhibit productivity.

Advantages Over Other Methods:

  • No chemicals are required to achieve results.
  • Finishing leaves little or no impregnation of media into the surface.
  • Combining the addition of an immersion heater with special filtration, light oils and greasy dirt can be removed in remanufacturing applications such as automotive and aircraft engine and airframe overhaul.
  • The ability to clean down into fine cracks and pores makes it an excellent and often specified process to prepare for liquid penetrant inspection (LPI).
  • Closed loop filtration is no longer an option in industry; it’s mandatory, and included as standard equipment on our systems.
  • Surfaces are left clean and dust free.
  • Reduced or No warping.
  • No Static Build Up.
WT50SS with Trolley Turntable