Dust-Free Wet Blasting — Just What the Doctor Ordered for Medical Implants and Devices

To eliminate the dust and noise associated with the production process, companies that manufacture Medical Devices are shifting to wet abrasive blasting processes like Wet Technologies cutting edge systems. This has created radical changes in workflow and design. The ability to have dust-free work cells next to manufacturing stations increases productivity and preserves surface integrity.

Medical implants require special profiles that support bone re-growth, plating adhesion, or a low Ra blended finish. Dust, embedded dry abrasive, and limited floor space in the manufacturing environment are traditional challenges. We can perform part testing in our lab or through our local factory trained distributor to minimize or eliminate them.

Medical Implants – Profiling and Blending

Create special profiles that support bone re-growth and plating adhesion.

Clean Slurry Technology

A dust-free abrasive blasting solution that limits manufacturing wear and tear, and can be located right on the production floor.

Medical implant with optimized surface
We appreciate the collaboration and support beyond expectations. Looking forward to continued business together.”
Medtronic, Warsaw, IN 46582
Wet Tech handled all the challenges that we presented with their custom piece of equipment.”
Medtronic, Warsaw, IN 46582