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The automotive and diesel remanufacturing industry is an extremely competitive business. Any edge suppliers are able to achieve will single them out among competitors – especially in quality and price. This is what makes Wet Technologies solutions such a tangibly compelling option. We are able to take common individual applications and condense and compress their production cycles.

The Problem with Complex Prep Processes.

atc_9288_LOGO_largTake cast iron parts. They are first run through a long time cycle and costly burn-off process in the oven, then they are dry blasted or shot blasted with standard dust-producing techniques — usually with glass bead media, assuming they can be rinsed completely — which then demands a subsequent wash process. Sheet metal and aluminum components are first washed, then one or several distinct dry blasting or grinding operations follow, and then these processes are, in turn, followed by another wash process. Each step of these processes represents added lead-time, labor and cost, all of which reflect on unit price.

NCRCPlus, there are additional disadvantages. Not every part configuration allows for easy and effective rinsing. Sheet metal components tend to warp or distort under these damaging dry blast conditions. Aluminum components with cooling passages are usually dry blasted with baking soda, which not only proves costly because of its high media consumption rate of 1 lb./minute, but also because the passageways are never left fully cleaned. Moreover, hand grinding processes are often added to these steps to remove burnt on carbon, rust and paint. These steps, of course, must always be followed by additional wash processes. Finally, the compounded effect of these multiple processes makes it near impossible to control surface uniformity.



How Wet Blast Innovation Solves These Problems.

Wet Technologies has engineered several highly efficient manual systems for wet blasting various automotive engine components for such companies as Deutz Engines and Mazda. These multidisciplinary systems can come equipped to consolidate a variety of component processes — immersion heat, demisting and high-end Suparator® oil removal, for example — combining them into one productive step that saves time and money. Moreover, these systems come with load ends featuring rolling carts/turntables that enable heavy parts to be loaded easily using common lift-assist devices. And, by eliminating both pre- and post-wash processes in this compressed production cycle, Wet Technologies systems have been shown to result in more competitive and profitable pricing.

Additional Benefits for the Automotive Remanufacturing Industry Include:

  • Near or complete elimination of embedded abrasive media minimizes friction and extends life of working parts.
  • Less production floor space needed due to the elimination of dust collectors.
  • Dissipation of heat from friction.
  • Improved controls over wet peening process reduces component Ra values.
  • Precise, repeatable delivery of Wet Blasting slurry.
  • Systems are designed to separate broken-down abrasive and other surface particles as well as oils.

Who In the Automotive Industry Relies on Solutions from Wet Technologies?

Deutz Engines —
Collaborated with Deutz and Suparator® to engineer a groundbreaking single-step processing solution that incorporates an innovative oil removal system exclusive to our solution.

Mazda Remanufacturing —
Performed extensive research and development with Arm & Hammer®, manufacturers of Armex® baking soda media, for implementing a work cell cabinet for wet blasting Mazda rotary engine rotors.

Autocraft —
Designed and developed an automated system for descaling, cleaning and removing paint from dirty, fluid-soaked torque converters and eliminated the previous requirement for repainting; heat immersion and Suparator® oil removal is also incorporated in this solution.

Neil Chance Racing Convertors —
Fully automated system for descaling and enhancing the internal compartments of high-performance torque convertors for top NHRA drag racers.

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Automotive part before and after wet blasting
Automotive part before and after wet blasting