Precision Finishing for Anchored Implants & Medical Devices

Clean Slurry Technology

In all cases, dust is the enemy of this precision manufacturing environment, because its management adds maintenance costs, process time and increases the mileage these sensitive components see in the manufacturing process. The ideal scenario would be a completely dust-free abrasive blasting solution that limits manufacturing wear and tear and can be located right on the production floor as part of planned workflow — a solution such as one of many systems Wet Technologies has been providing to the medical industry for 11 years.

Benefits of the Wet Tech Process for Medical Manufacturers

Wet Technologies has produced several systems for medical device manufacturer Smith & Nephew in Memphis, TN. Their initial requirement was the production of a dust-free abrasive blasting system. However, once we began collaborating with Smith & Nephew engineers, we were able to demonstrate extended value throughout the manufacturing and production cycle, enabling them to even redesign products based on surface finishes our process made possible. Manufacturing and process innovations included…

  • Design enhancements and customizations made to these systems accommodate highly specific surface finishes that maintains stringent tolerances.
  • Ability to etch, rinse and dry surfaces in a non-chemical, water-based, closed-loop system in one integrated, multiple-step work cell right on the production floor.
  • Specific profiling and course etching applied to hip stems and femoral implants, respectively, improves anchoring and enhances adherence of new bone growth.
  • Multiple and diverse surface finishing processes conducted on the production floor improves workflow.
  • Dust-free work cells can be placed adjacent to manufacturing stations.
  • Minimizes embedded abrasive media, and related voids, which can damage sensitive components.
  • Reduced friction, the result of the high percentage of water in the slurry, generates less heat.
  • Precise and repeatable delivery of wet blasting slurry.
  • Precise manufacturing control, low maintenance needs and the easy operational requirements speed ROI and reduce TCO.

Who In the Medical Industry Relies on Solutions from Wet Technologies?

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Smith & Nephew —
Manual Wet Technologies systems for the manufacture and remanufacture of high-precision medical implants and surgical instrumentation.

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Medtronic —
Cosmetic etching of medical implant.

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